Scientific Formula for Breeding Daily Food

   In the natural ecology, parrot's food is extensive, the feeder must cognize that sole food cannot satisfy the nutrition demand for the parrots, but seeks the diverse ingredient to process one by one takes the trouble and quite time-consuming, therefore there is inflated and extrude pellet to enter the market, the advantage is may mix the diverse ingredient and essential nutrient to the formula, the drawback is insipid, decrease palatability, waste probably, store is not durable and high-priced, it can be supplement as the dessert, but not a ideal daily food.

   take food technology as the manufacture foundation, select the extensive organic ingredient, let the parrots can see, can smell out and feel the food. Fresh, keep moisture and soft are the biggest characteristics, tempted the parrots extremely to eat without any remain, that does not waste, and not contaminate environment, not need to teach and the parrots will accept the food directly, poop is solid and easy to clean, complete nutrition, can strengthen the immunity and the propagation, is the secret first choice for the breeders. To choose the nice breeding daily food, everyone may become the expert of breeder.