Opening a pleasure world in aviculture.........

“HO CHIEN BIRDS SHOP”, the former organization of our company, first established in 1975. The ingredients of marketed food at that time could not satisfy most oscines’ nutrition requirement, and feeders usually replaced with chicken food, but there are so many species of birds whose diet choice and nutrition requirements are different, thus new feeders lost confidence for many troubles, difficulties and high mortality in birds raising.

Therefore, in 1981, we grasp an idea “only provide the birds best”, and integrate the scholars and experts to start the research and development for nutrition birds food. First originating company in producing and selling the nutrition birds food, and our series products get good comments around domestic and abroad.

Up to now we still keep profession and high quality as our principle, and through second to none large-scale raising, accumulate experience and the data inheritance, from the raw material of single taste selection, to produce the own formula strictly, provide the birds with complete nutrition and more further ensure the birds are lively and healthy as our production purpose.